News: Bronson Look-Alike To Star in Escape From Death Block 13

The star of last year's amazing tribute to the action exploitation films of the '70s and '80s called Death Kiss is now heading up another film that will be another callback to the career of Charles Bronson. That's right. Robert 'Bronzi' Kovacs is making quite a name for himself in the straight to video world playing to his crazy likeness to the formative vengeance star from a bygone era. The actor will now be heading another movie that seems to be ripped straight from Bronson's career. Next up on his slate of lower budget throwbacks is a movie called Escape From Death Block 13. Written and directed by Gary Jones, the synopsis is about as straight laced as they come:

After being framed for murder, a man agrees to become an informant during his stay at a notorious prison. Once inside, he finds that his biggest threat may not come from his fellow convicts.

It's being filmed at the Ohio State Penitentiary which also housed such films as The Shawshank Redemption and Tango & Cash. Find the poster below and make sure to look for this one when it gets released.