News From Bon Temps: Alan Ball Says True Blood Musical in the Works

Everyone can admit that the HBO series of True Blood started out strong and died with little fanfare. Over the course of the show, things really took a turn for the worst and didn't quite live up to the first couple years of vampire bloodletting and over the top sex scenes. But that's all besides the point. Now it looks as though the story of Sookie Stackhouse is being adapted as a musical according to show runner Alan Ball. When speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Ball had this to say about the upcoming stage adaptation:

"They’re workshopping a True Blood musical. I’ve heard all the music and it’s actually pretty good"

The franchise exists in a world where vampires, werewolves, humans, and other species all co-exist. It almost seems too good of an idea to see this translated again. We look forward to seeing where this one goes.