News: Good Bye, Balboa - Stallone Retires Rocky

After more than 40 years, the character of Rocky Balboa has been put to rest. In an early day message, Sylvester Stallone bid farewell to the character that has literally defined the majority of his career. From small beginnings that led to numerous sequels that varied in quality, Stallone has decided that Creed II was his swan song as the character. Considering the bittersweet conclusion of the Michael B. Jordan starring feature, it was almost expected from audience members that this might be the last time we see The Italian Stallion. Growing up with these movies, it's almost hard to watch him retire Balboa, but it's also a good thing to know when enough is enough. Many naysayers think that his run was up years ago. But, there are many great things about the series including the themes of a nobody becoming a world renowned champion. 

So long, champ. 

The upcoming Rambo: Last Blood will also be his final outing as his other most famous role.