News: Greg Kinnear To Lead New War of the Worlds Adaptation

Just when you think the world is safe from alien invasion, along comes another version of War of the Worlds. The original story by HG Wells has been told multiple times now in different formats. Now, Fox in partnership with Canal are leading the charge to remake the story again as a film that will directly compete with the BBC's very own three part event series. The upcoming BBC version will be maintaining the 19th century setting of Wells' story while Fox is looking to modernize it again. 

Kinnear is in final negotiations to star in the updated movie from Fox and Canal that tells of aliens taking over the planet only to find that they're susceptible to common airborne Earth germs. This marks the second HG Wells story that is currently in development. Andy Muschietti of IT directorial fame is currently working on a remake of The Time Machine. 

(photo courtesy ABC News)