News: Horror Remake of Hansel and Gretel Will Star IT's Sophia Lillis

The classic tale of Hansel and Gretel looks to be getting a new remake in the form of a horror movie. Coming from Orion Pictures, the story will be given a new treatment that will once again retell the story of two kids lost in the woods that happen to stumble upon an evil force. The fairytale has already been told in numerous formats, but this time seems to be getting a refresher that will have one of the stars of IT taking the role of Gretel.

That's right. Sophia Lillis will be playing the female half of the duo while Sammy Leakey will star as Hansel. Also added to the cast are two witches this time around. The first will be played by Alice Krige and the second will be Jessica De Gouw. There is no word on the release date for the film yet, but it's said to already be in production in Germany.