News: Paramount Teaming with Cary Fukunaja For Televised Reboot of 1985's Explorers

One of the better science fiction films from the '80s is getting a reboot in the televised form. The 1985 sci-fi film Explorers that starred River Phoenix and Ethan Hawke is getting a new television retelling from Cary Fukunaja and David Lowery. The movie is being adapted to series with a new script based on the Joe Dante film, Deadline has confirmed. The original movie chronicled a set of teenage boys that had their eyes set on the stars. Eventually they build their own spaceship.

If picked up to series, it's said that Fukunaja and Lowery will both take on directing duties. Fukunaja is obviously known for his excellent work on HBO's True Detective. Lowery recently wrote for the new Pete's Dragon film and A Ghost Story. Paramount is hard at work getting this new translation to the smaller screen.