Into The Twilight Zone: Greg Kinnear Joins Twilight Zone Relaunch

The past few weeks have been filled with a bevy of news regarding the upcoming Jordan Peele Twilight Zone reboot that CBS is currently launching. With word breaking yesterday that Steven Yeun, previous star of The Walking Dead, taking on a role in the ensemble cast, it looks like the first season has snagged another top name star. That's right. Now, Greg Kinnear has signed on to co-star with Yeun in the episode called The Traveler. 

Other stars that have decided to enter the Twilight Zone are John Cho, Sanaa Lathan, Adam Scott, and Jacob Tremblay. It seems that CBS is definitely going all out to score a top notch batch of stars for this reboot of the classic Rod Serling enterprise. Hopefully, they can pull this off. It seems that in our current state of political dystopia, there might be enough modern content to pull this off.