Profits From Atlantis: Aquaman Nets Almost $3 Million From Early Screenings

After a few troubled years, it looks like Warner Bros. DCEU is about to have a slam dunk on their hands. Most early reviews of Aquaman have seemed to be pretty positive with fan reactions ranging from fair to excellent. Opening in just a few days, the movie had an early screening this past Saturday night that raked in a rather large gross for Jason Momoa's version of the super hero. Opening early in China, the film has already grossed $261 million on the international market. With an early screening that was available to Amazon Prime members this past weekend, it pulled in another $2.9 million during the sneak peek. 

While the entire universe is still not on solid ground after the muffled efforts of Justice League, it looks like James Wan may deliver another product that could cut heads with their highly successful Wonder Woman movie. If so, we might finally see DC get on some solid footing, which in turn could mean great things for all their mainstream properties. We certainly hope so.