Umbrella Corp. Report: Resident Evil Reboot Snags A Director

The Resident Evil film franchise has barely been dead and the studio is already looking to do a full reboot of the video game property. Perhaps since the existing films strayed so far from their source material, we may finally see a much more true translation. Now, with the last movie starring Milla Jovovich only a couple years behind us, it's being fully rebooted. With all that said, it looks like the projected relaunch has found its creative lead. 

Director Johannes Roberts, the man behind the shark thriller 47 Meters Down has been chosen to helm the upcoming reboot. We're hoping that he brings back many of the elements of the game including the horror, survival elements, and a harder version of the story. We've enjoyed the last series for its amount of guilty pleasure laden story telling and action, but Resident Evil deserves a fresh start. Hopefully, Johannes does a good job.