Who's Laughing Now? Todd Philips' The Joker Wraps Filming

After an endless news cycle that's seemed to consistently follow this film for months on end, Todd Philips' new Joker tale starring Joaquin Phoenix has officially wrapped filming. Separate from the current DC continuity, this spinoff film will tell an alternate tale of Arthur Fleck, a struggling comedian that becomes The Joker.  This is said to be the launching pad for a new brand called either DC Black or or DC Dark. Yet, this has not been confirmed by Warner Bros. at this time. 

Obviously, many are extremely skeptical about a new line of movies when the DCEU has been struggling to stay afloat despite the successes of Wonder Woman and this week's Aquaman. It was previously announced that the project wrapped earlier this month but was actually confirmed that the shoot completed today via Todd Philips. He took to his Instagram to announce the completion. 

Now we wait to see how this entire thing comes out. We remain cautiously optimistic.