Sci-Fi News: Dave Bautista Joins Villeneuve's Dune

Dave Bautista's acting resume continues to thrive. Continuing to star as Drax in the Marvel Universe, he's now gone on to have roles in many other big titles including Blade Runner 2049. Now, it looks like the wrestler turned actor will once again working with visionary director Denis Villeneuve in his cinematic relaunch of Dune. The actor will be starring as "Beast" Rabban, "the sadistic nephew of a baron who overseas Arrakis". Bautista has made quite the name for himself as a film star over the past few years with the GOTG movies, Hotel Artemis, and numerous other action roles. 

He will join Rebecca Ferguson and Timothee Chalamet in Villeneuve's retelling of the Dune story from Legendary Pictures. If this proves to be a science fiction hit for the studio and its director, there seems to already be plans in the making for sequels and continuations of the saga. There is definitely enough material to draw from. David Lynch was the last director to turn this into a film in 1985. Dune also so a made for tv mini-series in 2000.