Bloodsucker News: The CW Orders The Lost Boys Pilot

Perhaps one of the most iconic vampire movies of the '80s for its amazing cast and phenomenal soundtrack, it looks like the story of The Lost Boys is finally getting the television treatment we've feared for years. Initially announced back in 2016 by The CW, the project ended up in development hell for quite some time. Now it appears that the wicked teenage vamps are getting another shot at immortality as the show is now ordered as a pilot, which was reported via Deadline this evening. From the logline for the first episode, it looks like the people behind the project are sticking to the same formula as the movie:

"Welcome to sunny seaside Santa Carla, home to a beautiful boardwalk, all the cotton candy you can eat...and a secret underworld of vampires."

It also seems like they're going to stick to the same story about two brothers moving to the vampire infested seaside town after their father suddenly passes away. Let's just hope they get the Frog Bros. right. 

We'll update as we learn more.