Box Office Tsunami: Aquaman Crosses $1 Billion Worldwide

DC's latest entry in their expanded universe continues to dominate at the box office, both globally and domestically. Hitting cinemas a year after the commercial failure of Justice League, their newest super hero movie is making a literal killing in the U.S. and all foreign markets. With mixed critical reviews of the film, it seems to be a huge hit with fans as the movie has been raking in millions since its Christmas release. In just a few short weeks, it's already done better box office than Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad and numerous other big name comic brands. 

Now, with this weekend's numbers officially in, the movie about the submersible hero has crossed the $1 billion mark internationally and is now China's biggest movie of all time. This is only the 37th film in history to cross the billion mark, with Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises being another DC movie that hit a billion globally. 

Aquaman will undoubtedly be getting a sequel.