Breaking Bat News: Ruby Rose Batwoman Pilot Coming From CW

Ruby Rose has left quite her mark on the CW universe as of late. When her casting was announced, she received a huge amount of support from the comic book fan community as a whole. Now, word just broke that the CW is officially launching her own series as part of the Arrowverse. The outlet has confirmed that they're officially giving her a pilot with hopes of launching another brand new show that will center around Kate Kane, who saw her premiere last year. 

Caroline Dries (The Vampire Diaries) has been handed the job of transitioning Batwoman to her own series and will serve as the showrunner with Greg Berlanti on board as an executive producer. David Nutter will be directing the pilot. Nutter has done work on The Flash, Arrow, and Game of Thrones. While there is no full series order at this time, it seems like it's a given due to the popularity of her character and the continues successes of the DC adaptations on the CW. We'll update as we learn more.