Indie Horror News: Continuance Pictures To Assist Film Makers with Getting Horror Films Made

The folks at Continuance Pictures have struck up a new initiative that's inspired by the work of Jason Blum and his Blumhouse Pictures. The small film production company is striking up a new plan to help indie creators get their horror films made. The producers behind the upcoming movie, Isolation, Tristan Barr and David Gim say that a conversation with Blum made them act on their idea of funding smaller budgeted horror projects. Their 'Continue' initiative will give smaller directors the chance to get their movies made with the possibility of launching potential franchise or series opportunities.

You can head to this link to submit your short films. 

From their press release:

“The initiative is a pragmatic approach to filmmaking in the digital age”, says Barr, whose film ‘’Watch the Sunset’’ was one of the most celebrated Australian films of 2017. ‘’The initiative will connect emerging talent to the film industry and other creatives through investment and opportunity.’’

Continuance Pictures is a global company, with connections in Asia and Australia - they are a partner of former CAA and Sierra Infinity fixture Ina Petersen, who last year launched Inner Voice Artists, a Los Angeles-based international management and production company, and are currently working with Korean partners on “Isolation”, a horror story which Barr will also write and direct.