News: Venom 2 Brings Back Original Writer

Sony's Venom movie turned out to be a huge success for the studio even if the quality of the project wasn't all there. Grossing over $850 million globally, it is no doubt a mega earner for Sony and their Venom-Verse. Now, the second entry in the franchise is in the early planning stages as announcements are slowly rolling in about the upcoming sequel. Obviously, with the money it made, we knew there wasn't any denying a part two for the smart talking Symbiote and Tom Hardy's anti-hero version of Eddie Brock. 

Today, it's been announced that writer Kelly Marcel is returning to pen Venom 2 with a returning cast that will feature Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson as Carnage. No word on who will be directing yet as Ruben Fleischer may still be working on Zombieland 2 when this goes into production. Marcel was initially hired to doctor the script on Venom, with her final vision being used for the feature.