Sci Fi News: Toni Collette Joins Anna Kendrick in Sci Fi Thriller, Stowaway

Toni Collette continues to build upon her dynamic list of film entries in an already astounding resume. The star of last year's horror freakout, Hereditary, has officially joined Anna Kendrick in the upcoming science fiction feature, Stowaway. Collette received an Oscar nomination for her role in The Sixth Sense and continues to make headway with her choices in projects. Never one to repeat herself, she'll now cross the bridge into science fiction along with Kendrick. 

Stowaway is said to be a story about a mission to Mars that's thrown into disaster when a stowaway damages the ship's life support systems causing all types of havoc. With their future in doubt, a medical researcher and captain will clash over the solution to their problem. The film is being directed by Youtube star Joe Penna. Stowaway will be produced by XYZ films in conjunction with Rise Pictures.