Shattered Glass: Estimated Opening For Shyamalan's Latest Has Been Lowered

Several weeks ago, box office analysts were projecting that the third movie in M. Night Shyamalan's mysterious super hero trilogy would prove to be a huge juggernaut at theaters this weekend. Initial numbers had it set to hit $70 million handily. Sadly though, it looks like those numbers have been way off. Due to early critical response, interest in the movie seems to have dwindled in some regards. Glass now looks to come in at roughly $47 million which is still no failure. But it's not what the director had hoped for. 

Set in the same world as his Unbreakable, his film Split sent viewers for a loop with one of the biggest reveals of his career. Unfortunately, this latest entry in the saga doesn't seem to be getting the same positive reinforcement as most are calling the last third of the movie a complete mess. Perhaps, the project that's been years in the making shouldn't have been so rushed.