Release News: 24 Hour Party People Coming to Blu-Ray

Just today, the boutique MVD Marquee Collection announced they will be bringing the long awaited high-definition release of British director Michael Winterbottom’s cult musical mockumentary classic 24 Hour Party People to blu-ray for the very first time!  Slated for June 15th, 2019, the film stars Steve Coogan as the late Factory Records founder and owner Tony Wilson and his meteoric rise and fall from rags to riches and back again.  Told in a nonlinear, kaleidoscopic fashion interspersing real live performances of English rock bands including the Sex Pistols and Joy Division when the film isn’t breaking the fourth wall, 24 Hour Party People drops you in the middle of a funny and revealing portrait of what it was like to be Tony Wilson in the vortex of a massive pop cultural shift in the UK.  Regarded among many as director Winterbottom’s finest hour and sporting an electrifying soundtrack with many wild surprises ahead, this still wildly entertaining and riotously funny biopic remained on DVD only for over a decade, until now.  

- Andrew Kotwicki