Breaking Bat News: Armie Hammer Reportedly Signing On As The Batman

Here we go again. Since Ben Affleck retired the cape and cowl last week, there has been TONS of speculation as to who would take on the role next. Well, it appear that our long running dream may come true. Screen Rant and numerous other sources just broke news that Armie Hammer is reportedly in final negotiations to take on the role of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, Batman. It's been known for quite some time that director Matt Reeves was looking to cast a younger person in the role, hence the reports that Robert Pattinson might be next in line. However, if this news is anywhere near true, Hammer will join the project as it gears up for its 2021 release. 

We've speculated in the past that Hammer could make a great Batman. All we hope now is that the news is actually true and we can finally get some momentum on the project that's been stalled for a couple years due to creative problems and Affleck's own issues with continuing on as the character.