Casting News: Chris Hemsworth To Star as Hulk Hogan in Todd Philips Helmed Biopic

Whoa. What do we even say to this one? Hulkamania running wild!

 After the completion of the upcoming Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, Todd Philips will be moving on to a new feature that will be a biopic of wrestling star Hulk Hogan. The film will reunite Phillips with Scott Silver, who scripted the extended story in the DC film universe. Now, word is breaking that they already have their star and it comes in the form of Thor. 

That's right, folks. Chris Hemsworth has signed on to star as the Hulkster in the biopic that is currently in negotiations with Netflix. Obviously, Hulk was a household name in the '80s as his star rose in the WWF. He also went on to small roles on television, movies, and had a massive niche carved out in the merchandising market. He started wrestling in the '70s and slowly made a rise to fame and became one of (if not) the biggest wrestler of that decade. Now, his story will be transitioned to film with a massive star taking on the character.