He's Hunting Us: Rambo 5 Gets A Release Date

It's been a while since we've revisited the character of John Rambo. Ever since the 2008 sequel, he's been missing from cinemas. And we've been waiting patiently for one more adventure. Luckily for us, this year will see Stallone return for one final outing as Rambo when he does battle with the Mexican drug cartels to save someone they've taken captive. Well, that's what we've heard from the plot synopsis so far. As excited as we are, he's made it quite clear that this will be the official swan song for the character he introduced back in the '80s with First Blood. We just hope that this conclusion to Rambo's story arc resolves the entire saga with quality and tons of bodies piling up. We're sure it will. 

Today it was announced that Rambo 5 or Last Blood has finally been given a release date. The film has been in production for quite some time with Stallone posting numerous pictures to Instagram, flaunting his impeccable physical condition as he readied himself for the movie. Rambo 5 will be in theaters on September 20, 2019 with no other major motion pictures opening that weekend. However, IT: Chapter 2 does open the week before. It will definitely be given a run for its money. 

After decades, the story of Rambo will be given a final end. And from what we're hearing, they may kill off the character this time around.