News From Oz: Legendary Developing OZ Television Series with Now You See Me Scribe

In another bit of news today, it looks like the world of Oz is once again being transitioned to another new telling or spinoff. 

A show is currently being developed for television by Legendary Entertainment and Ed Ricourt, one of the writers behind the original Now You See Me movie. The new series will feature all new characters and will explore new parts of that world that we've not seen before. The show is said to see Oz break out in chaos and war as a long missing witch returns to reclaim her powerful grip on the magical world. A young servant girl will be the only hope in another battle of good versus evil. The show will borrow heavily from previous novels by Baum. 

Ricourt has previously worked on Netflix's Jessica Jones, Wayward Pines, and numerous others. Legendary has been behind such shows as the rebooted Lost in Space and The Expanse. There is no word on a release date quite yet for the new show. But, we're looking forward to it.