News: Gremlins To Return as Animated Series on Warner Streaming Service

While many of us have been waiting eagerly for another eventual sequel to the '80s classic Gremlins, it appears that the creatures will once again be up after midnight in another way. It's been reported today that WarnerMedia is currently working on adding an animated series about the creatures to its upcoming roster. Variety posted about it earlier this afternoon. Apparently, the new show will not be a continuation of the current mythology but will be a prequel that will tell of a young Mr. Wing and his adventures with the furry Mogwai, Gizmo. 

Gremlins took the box office by storm in 1984 and spawned one sequel that didn't quite have the same magic. Now it looks like they'll be making their way back to screen, with the possibility that Chris Columbus still delivers a third film.  

This adds to the current pile up of media conglomerates that have their own streaming outlets. The series is said to premiere some time in 2020.