News: Hellboy Reboot Gets an R Rating

While our excitement for the upcoming Hellboy film reboot was tamed by a rather lackluster first trailer, it looks like the film isn't toning it back whatsoever. The upcoming relaunch of the famous satanic hellspawn seems to going for the gusto with its violence as the MPAA has officially given the movie a hard R rating. Many were not sure because the first preview seemed to trade darkness for huge visual shots. But, now it looks like the movie is really going to use a lot from the source material and will be more adult themed like the comic.  

Starring David Harbour in the title role, this is a brand new relaunch for the character and will feature the hard rating due to "strong bloody violence and gore throughout, and language". It now seems that they're breaking even further from the Guillermo Del Toro versions which were PG-13. Fans of the character may be shocked if this comes closer to the original comic book version than the last two films that were loved by most. We're holding on for April 12th. This could either be a huge success or a major defeat for Hellboy.