News: Marvel’s Loki Series To Be Helmed by Rick and Morty Assistant Michael Waldron

A new series revolving around Marvel’s own god of mischief Loki is among the first of many to be added to Disney’s new exclusive streaming service, Disney+.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney managed to nab Michael Waldron, an assistant of Dan Harmon of Rick and Morty fame, to write the pilot episode for the upcoming series, and serve as creator and executive producer for future episodes. Tom Hiddleston is also slated to return as Loki, who has become a favorite villain-turned-somewhat hero as the Marvel Cinematic Universe has evolved.

Just if or how Loki is to return to us after his untimely demise in Infinity War remains to be seen, but according to the Reporter, the series will focus on Loki’s mischievous adventures throughout the history of the universe, becoming an unseen manipulator in various historical events’ outcomes. It sounds like a gag joke being extended to a full-length series, but with a Harmon alumnus behind the controls, there may be some potential here for a really fun show.

Other series that Marvel are reportedly working on for Disney+ include The Vision and Scarlet Witch and a currently untitled series focusing on The Falcon and Winter Soldier working together. All these announced series make me even more curious (or skeptical) as to how Feige and the Russos are going to tie everything up in Avengers Endgame, because unless these are prequel series or noncanon, they seem like major breakers of the MCU’s continuity (something this series is no stranger to, anyway).