Release News: Eureka Releasing Limited Edition of Cujo in the UK

Just a few hours ago, Eureka Entertainment announced that they would be releasing a new limited edition blu-ray of Stephen King’s beloved evil canine classic Cujo exclusively in the UK. Sadly, this is a region B locked release; but, if you can find your way around that barrier, there are a healthy dose of supplements included and an enticing 60-page collector’s booklet featuring writings on the film and archival images from the film’s production, and a fancy hardbound slipcase featuring new artwork by British illustrator Graham Humphreys.

Bonus features include:
- New exclusive feature-length audio commentary by Lee Gamblin, author of Nope, Nothing Wrong Here: The Making of Cujo
- New interview with Dee Wallace (40 minutes)
- New interview with composer Charles Bernstein (35 minutes)
- New interview with stuntman Gary Morgan (25 minutes)
- New interview with stuntwoman Jean Coulter (21 minutes)
- New interview with casting director Marcia Ross (20 minutes)
- New interview with visual effects artist Kathie Lawrence (13 minutes)
- New interview with special effects designer Robert Clark (12 minutes)
- New interview with dog trainer Teresa Miller (28 minutes)
-Dog Days: The Making of Cujo archival documentary on the film’s production (42 minutes)
-A second disc exclusive to the Limited Edition release that includes a feature-length Q&A with Dee Wallace from Cinemaniacs & Monster Fest 2015, moderated by Lee Gamblin (96 minutes), and a new interview with critic and author Kim Newman (25 minutes)

It seems like Eureka has had a heck of a time assembling a proper release for the demon dog’s big picture; and having not seen the film before, I’m more than excited to get my first taste of Stephen King’s renowned horror classic through a fresh new lens.

-Wes Ball