Transformers News: The Michael Bay Transformers Universe Is Dead, Bumblebee Confirmed as Reboot

At long last, the much maligned Michael Bay Transformers universe has been declared dead by Hasbro. This weekend, at New York Toy Fair, the company has officially made the announcement that Bumblebee is a new start for the film world of the beings from Cybertron. At the press conference, they've been quoted as saying that Bumblebee is "a new storytelling universe" and that the solo story was a fresh kickoff for bringing the war between Autobots and Decepticons back to screens with a focus more on storytelling. While Bumblebee wasn't quite the money maker they had hoped for, it got back to basics and finally let the fans see some of the G1 stuff they had hoped for. 

Although the end of Bumblebee seemed to start a connection between the two different versions, it looks like they are now ready to walk away from the Bayverse and give us what we really wanted: better looking Transformers, action that's better defined, and some normal characters.