From The Grid: Tron:Legacy Producer Holds Out Hope For A Third Film

Several years back, fans were finally given a sequel to the classic movie, Tron. Unfortunately though, the second film in the franchise didn't live up to Disney's financial hopes for a massive blockbuster. After much discussion, the third movie was put on the back burner and sat in development hell for several years. Over time, the project completely died. Fans were split on the movie, critical reception was mixed, and the box office tallies didn't really support a continuation, although the 19 episode animated series carried the torch, the eventuality of another sequel simply died. Now, producer Justin Springer says he's still hopeful that Tron 3 could see the light of day. We don't think it will happen but here's what he had to say when speaking with Slashfilm:

"Look, I will never stop being interested in making a TRON movie. I love the opportunity to do it. It’s a title that never really goes away internally. There’s always people around the company who like it a whole lot. And so, we’ll see what happens. It would be great to get the opportunity to do it again. It’s interesting – what I will say is that I think it continues to be relevant both in its ideas and also just the visual iconography of it. I think people are still are interested in it and it still feels contemporary to me. So it’s just about finding the right time, right script, and the right people at the studio saying ‘yes.’ You know, just the usual."