Haunted News: Annabelle 3 Gets A Title and A Release Date

The Conjuring series continues to spawn more sequels and spin-offs than we ever could have imagined. Now, the third movie in the Annabelle franchise has an official title. The upcoming movie will be called Annabelle Comes Home and will see a summer release date of June 28th. The latest from New Line will continue to expand on the demonic doll's ever evolving story with her finally making her way to the Warren's home as she's kept in their museum of evil artifacts. 

In the movie, Annabelle will haunt and torment the Warren's daughter, Judy Warren (played by McKenna Grace) as well as her two teen babysitters. There is no word on how much of a role Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will play in the project. However, we imagine they will obviously be used as support for the key actors. 

The first two Annabelle movies have grossed nearly $600 million globally against tiny budgets. The series is also spawning a third Conjuring and another spin-off, The Crooked Man.