News from the Seventh Circle of Hell: Sonic the Hedgehog Live Action Form Revealed

...and it's so much worse than we could have imagined.

Graphic design company Hamagami/Carroll, Inc. apparently leaked the appearance of the live-action rendition of Sega's trademark blue hedgehog in his upcoming movie today, in a post that's since been mysteriously deleted from their site. The company mistakenly released the appearance by publishing what's supposedly a guide on how the character is to look in the upcoming film. This post described it as "a new modern take on the brand without abandoning its core essence" and included several poses of the character, one of which mimics his signature finger wag that graced the title screens for the original games on the Sega Genesis.

The notes above include comments on his "brand personality," which describes him as "irreverent and sarcastic," but also "chill and likable." So, maybe we'll hear Sonic use some light cursing? Sonic and his pals haven't exactly had the cleanest mouths in gaming, so I'm sure it isn't entirely out of the question. 

Paramount Pictures is set to launch Sonic the Hedgehog into cinemas this November, starring James Marsden, Ben Schwartz as Sonic, and Jim Carrey as Dr. Eggman of all people. Every generation gets their Super Mario Bros. Movie. Apparently Sonic's time has come.

Not coming anytime soon: Sonic's gloves (which have apparently been replaced with white fur, I guess?) We'll keep up to date as this disasterpiece unfolds, finally culminating (hopefully) with a full review upon its release. Until then, keep running, Sonic. Far, far away from any studio executives...