News from the Twitterverse: Initial Reactions to Shazam! Appearing on Social Media

We've gotten our first taste of critical responses to the upcoming live action Shazam! movie tonight thanks to Twitter, and reactions appear to be surprisingly positive, including some hailing it as perhaps the best DC film since the days of Christopher Reeve. Ash Crossan from ET Now even went so far as to call it "damn near PERFECT," suggesting that maybe there's a lot more to this superhero origin story-turned buddy comedy than meets the eye at first. See his and other critics' reactions on Twitter below:

Naturally, a hefty grain of salt should be taken with these initial reactions, but it's entirely possible that DC may have hit another one out of the park here and then some. Shazam! storms into theaters April 5th. Until then, I'll be eagerly waiting to see Zachary Levi doing the butt floss in front of the camera wearing tights.