News: Warner Brothers Thinks Idris Elba Hits the Target as the New Deadshot

In the past months we've seen a flurry of activity at Warner Brothers involving Suicide Squad. First we find out that James Gunn is in as writer and director. Followed by the news that Harley Quinn will not be in the movie, followed by the news that she likely will be in the film, then came the news that Will Smith was out due to scheduling conflicts with the upcoming production.

Enter Idris Elba, the man we all Coming off what is going to go down as a very busy year in his career, he has now added Deadshot to his upcoming parts. in a year that has him staring in Cats, Hobbs and Shaw and Turn Up Charlie, I wouldn't think he has time to add another production, yet here we are, Heimdall is now in Suicide Squad 2.

Strangely, after the first movie was critically hated, yet earned 746 million at the box-office, we know very little about the sequel, even more surprising since it's set to release August 6th, 2021.

So there we have it, interesting news, that could be signs of a big turn in the production of part 2.