Science Fiction Release News: The Abyss 4K Remaster Teased on Instagram

If there's anything we know by now, it's that James Cameron has delivered a few stunning science fiction films. One of them is his 1989 feature film The Abyss. The movie featured some of the first ever computer generated imagery and still holds up today. For years now, fans of the movie have waited for it to make its way to blu-ray. The last home video release was on DVD several years back. With the major advancements in home theater technology, it's been a long wait for the now classic film to finally get a proper remaster. Back in early 2018, it was announced that they would be working on getting a 4k release into the home market. Now, as teased on Instagram, it looks like they're finally making that happen. 

The Abyss was released after Cameron's Aliens and was the third time Michael Biehn took a central part in one of his films. Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and many more star in the feature film that takes place below the surface of the ocean. At the time, The Abyss was considered a technological marvel and pushed the envelope for the genre.