Box Office Battle: Shazam! To The Top! Hellboy Flops!

This weekend saw two comic book properties do mortal battle for the top of the box office. With much maligned Hellboy reboot fairing poorly with critics and fans alike, the hellspawn didn't fair very well at the box office against the likes of Shazam! and his more family friendly fare. With a total lack of hype surrounding the relaunched Hellboy franchise, the film couldn't even stand up against the likes of the newly released comedy, Little

As it currently stands, Shazam! was once again crowned the victor at the box office with a second weekend in the number one spot. The DC property took in another $25 million bringing its domestic tally to $94 million in just two weeks in cinemas. Little took the second slot with a little over $15 million. Sadly, but not really surprisingly, Neil Marshall's Hellboy only made $12 million, giving it the number three slot. 

Coming right behind those top 3 was the remake of Stephen King's Pet Sematary with a middling $10 million, proving that sometimes dead is better. The horror film has not done very well and is only a shadow of what IT made in its opening frames. Last but not least in the top five is Tim Burton's new vision of Dumbo, another Disney live action film that seems to not have great legs at the cinema. 

If anything, the last couple weeks certainly prove that not every big name property will do well in theaters.