Comic Book News: Image and Netflix Announce Mark Millar's Space Bandits

Today, in comic book news, Netflix and Image have announced a new science fiction based series called Space Bandits. The new line of comics is said to be a female led space adventure that takes cues from the classic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid story. Artist Matteo Scalera will be illustrating the translation of the Netflix original property. Millar had this to say about the project:

"I love writing female-led stories in everything from Reborn to Empress to Hit-Girl to Jupiter's Legacy and, of course, our recent Magic Order at Netflix.I also love writing big, fun sci-fi things. In a world with a billion superhero properties and gloomy, rain-soaked dystopian sci-fi, there's a gap in the market for sci-fi that's upbeat and fun and I wanted to combine all this into a big, high-octane story. I've been working on this as a property for Netflix since last Summer and now I'm being joined by the brilliant Matteo Scalera for the comic-book translation of this story. The guy's a genius and I've followed him for years. Having him draw this is like someone you've always had a crush on going out on a date with you. He's just amazing."

Space Bandits #1 will be available in stores on Wednesday, July 3rd with a pre-order cutoff of June 10th. The series will also be available in digital formats such as Google Play, comiXology, Kindle, and Apple Books.