Don't Go Into The Light: Poltergeist Getting A Second Remake

Back in 2015, horror fans were given a much unneeded remake to the classic Tobe Hooper haunting film, Poltergeist. Serving as a modern retread of a nearly perfect '80s gem, the film cut out and shortened much of what was so great about the original. The remake didn't fair very well at the box office and was critically ravaged, even with some decent star power behind the project. Now, in 2019, it looks like the movie is getting another treatment now that the Russo Bros. have been given access to remake and retool anything in the MGM vaults. 

Deadline is reporting that the duo's first project will be another retelling of a family moving into a house that's built on a burial ground causing all kinds of scary stuff to happen including the supernatural disappearance of their daughter. There is no word on a release date yet as it's just been decided, but considering how hot the horror market is right now, we should expect to see this in the next couple years. With how amazing the original still is, this seems a bit silly to go back to this same well again. But, by now we know how this works.