Galactic News: Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Reservations On Sale May 2nd

The last couple weeks have been loaded with a fury of Star Wars news, teasers, and upcoming content. But perhaps the most exciting thing that's happening is the upcoming grand opening of the new Star Wars theme park, Galaxy's Edge. For years, fans have waited for something like this and we're finally getting it. Opening in two locations, one at Disneyland California and the other at Hollywood Studios Florida, the parks are nearing their premiere. Due to the popularity of Star Wars currently and the demand of fans, the parks actually moved up their opening dates and will offer a second phase later in the year. 

Today it was announced that pre-sale reservations will go on sale for the parks on May 2nd, giving travelers a first shot at gaining admittance to experiencing the worlds of Star Wars first hand. In order to place an early reservation, customers must have an existing Disney account to gain early access. Obviously, they're expecting major demand right from the start. This is Disney's largest expansion ever and will be a major travel destination for decades to come!