News From LV-426: Michael Biehn To Star in Audio Version of an Unused Alien Sequel Script

Yes, we all long for the days when the Alien saga was in better shape. For a little while we thought Blomkamp was going to give us that ret-conned direct sequel to Aliens that we all longed for. But that wasn't meant to be. Now though, it appears that another Alien project is stirring that will bring Michael Biehn back to the fray. It's not a movie. But is an audio drama produced by Audible. The project is being developed from the unused script that was initially going to be Alien 3, before David Fincher got his hands on it and change it all around. 

This script was actually developed by William Gibson (Neuromancer) and was developed into a comic by Dark Horse. It was titled William Gibson's Alien 3 with art from John Christmas, the comic went on to gain cult status. Now, that story is getting the re-release treatment in the form of an audio story that will be narrated by Biehn for the 40th anniversary of Alien. Keep your eyes out cause this one could be really sweet. 

I still hold out hope for that direct sequel by Blomkamp.