Sci Fi News: Colin Farrell Boards Sci-Fi Lord of the Flies Film

Today, in science fiction news, actor Colin Farrell is boarding the upcoming science fiction project Voyagers, which sounds very much like Lord of the Flies transitioned to outer space. The film is being directed by Divergent and Limitless director Neil Burger. The movie is about 30 children who are sent into space to populate a new planet. On their mission, things devolve quickly as the teens break off into 'feral' packs and devolve into violence and madness. From this brief description the comparisons are quite obvious. There has been no word on who exactly Farrell will play but we imagine he may end up playing the adult commander of their ship. And we know how that ended up in Lord of the Flies. 

The movie will also star Lily Rose Depp, Fionn Whitehead, and Tye Sheridan. There is no official release date set as casting is still being announced. No matter what, it sounds like an interesting premise in a world that needs way more science fiction films.