Sci Fi News: The Wandering Earth To Premiere On Netflix This Week

When earth's existence is threatened by a major cataclysmic event, the inhabitants must find a way to escape. The stage is set for a two hour spectacle. 

The massive Chinese science fiction blockbuster, The Wandering Earth is set to premiere on Netflix on April 30th. The streaming content provider purchased rights to the film several months ago after it became a huge hit on local soil. Based on the novel by author Liu Cixin, the story was turned into a massive sci-fi spectacle that would quickly become China's biggest genre film of all time. The movie would go on to gross nearly $600 million in China alone, with other countries bringing in another $100 million. 

Science fiction fans will definitely flock to Netflix when it shows up on Tuesday. Although the story is a scientific blunder, the visuals are amazing and the characters are great. You can read our earlier review here. This was easily one of our favorite science fiction films of the year, with some of the best CGI work and action sequences of recent times.