Slasher News: Watch the Creepy New Trailer for the Child's Play Remake

A second trailer has been released for Orion Pictures' upcoming Child's Play remake and feelings are... mixed, to say the least. It was already confirmed before that this new iteration of the ubiquitous killer doll would update his character's format to a computer ("Artificial Intelligence human companion") codenamed "Buddi", and the latest trailer finally gives us a better look at exactly what we can expect from that upgrade. It's already hard enough for me to accept Aubrey Plaza playing a mother in this new film (it was bound to happen eventually), but at least Mark Hamill's slimy voice should breathe a different kind of life into Chucky. Hopefully it'll turn out to be better than just a "technology gone wrong" movie that the the trailer's vibes sort of betray, and we'll have something to look forward to in this re-imagining. Watch the trailer below, and let us know your feelings in the comments!