Trek News: Picard Series Begins Filming

After much discussion and fan debate, it looks like the Jean-Luc Picard series has finally entered production. The new series that focuses on the character from Star Trek: The Next Generation will premiere sometime in the future on the CBS All Access streaming service. This will be the first time that Patrick Stewart has returned to the iconic role since 2002's Star Trek: Nemesis which ultimately failed at the box office. The movie pitted Picard against a clone that was played by a much younger Tom Hardy in the early stages of his career. The film's financial failures ultimately spelled doom for the cinematic series of Next Generation films. The show began filming today!

There has been no word as to exactly what the show will focus on, but will mainly be centered on an aging Picard, who's said to be looking back on his days as the commander of the Enterprise. This is just another Star Trek property for CBS as they already have a minor hit on their hands with Discovery. We'll update as we learn more.