Who's Laughing Now?: 20 High Res Images From The Joker Trailer

After much fan outcry over a new version of the Joker hitting the silver screen with Joaquin Phoenix portraying the character, a trailer finally hit this morning that seemed to hit pretty hard. It looks that this latest vision of the character will once again take a dark turn into an alternate vision of Gotham and the clown prince of crime. With the DCEU just coasting by after the loss of many main players, it looks like WB and their comic book namesake DC might be finally figuring out a way to get things back on even keel. We can all agree that Phoenix is an amazing actor that throws himself into whatever character he plays. His method acting has proven to be legendary over the last decade as he even fooled people that he had gone completely over the edge when he pretended to become a rapper. Now, his take on the Joker looks to be the most insane thing we've seen since the untimely death of Heath Ledger. Check out the photos below.