Box Office Mutant: Dark Phoenix Expected to Have Lowest X-Men Opening Ever

Ever since the inception of Dark Phoenix, nothing has been right. From troubled production woes to extensive reshoots to the constant release date changes for the movie, this thing has seen its fair share of turmoil. Now, reputable box office analysts and the folks over at THR are reporting even worse news for the upcoming X-Men flick. With this being the last Fox produced movie in this line and rights now belonging to Disney, this Dark Phoenix appears to be a quickly sinking ship that won't live up to the formative years of this franchise. With so many continuity issues and the haphazard previous offering of this tale (X-Men: The Last Stand), most fans of the comic have abandoned all hope for the upcoming release. And it's going to hit them in the pocketbook. 

Early numbers and reporting are showing that Dark Phoenix will only round up with an opening weekend of somewhere around $50 million, meaning it will make less than The Wolverine, which only took in $53 million in its opening frame. Considering this latest entry cost the studio over $200 million to produce, this doesn't look bode well for a comic book movie opening in the prime season for blockbuster flicks. And with epic works like Avengers:Endgame still racking up major numbers for the Mouse House, the newest X flick will look like an even bigger flop. This will be the lowest box office opening of ANY X-Men related movie since 2000's launching pad starring the original cast. 

Somewhere along the way, the newest iteration of the X-Men lost its way. And it now seems that the eventual reboot of these characters might be the best thing at this point. As Simon Kinberg's first major directorial effort, Dark Phoenix looks like it's going to be a lackluster effort across the board. The forced marketing isn't helping any either.