Breaking Bat News: Robert Pattinson is Officially The Batman

A few weeks ago it was reported that Robert Pattinson had taken on the role of The Batman in Matt Reeves upcoming relaunch of the famed DC character. However, there was much speculation as there was no casting announcement or official word from Warner Bros.. In that time frame, it was also reported that Nicholas Hoult was also in the running for the character. Apparently, they were nearly set on Pattinson but wanted to take a look at Hoult also. After a screen test that put them both in the cape and cowl, WB has finally made their decision. Numerous sources including Deadline are reporting that Pattinson has officially been cast as Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. 

We're sure there will be much fan turmoil over the announcement, yet we ask the naysayers to take a look at the dramatic work Pattinson has done over the past 7-8 years. He's not the sparkly vampire from the Twilight series and has grown into quite the lead actor.