News: Ducks Rejoice! ‘The FP2: Beats of Rage’ Gets an International VOD Release for Memorial Day Weekend!

Writer-director and actor Jason Trost’s post-apocalyptic science-fiction cult hit comedy-drama saga is coming full circle this Memorial Day weekend, as the sequel to The FP (2011), The FP2: Beats of Rage (2018), is now available for streaming all over the world.

Following his victory and restoration of the 248, JTRO (Trost) decides he’s retiring from the Beat Beat Revelation circuit – but the Revelation isn’t finished with him quite yet, and he and his hype-man KCDC (Art Hsu) must journey to The Wastes for a battle to end the terrible gang leader known as AK-47 (Mike O’Gorman). But The Wastes are AK’s turf, and there’s a lot at stake – and it will take all the remaining strength JTRO has to defeat the monsters awaiting him, as well as the monsters he’s been carrying inside his own head. 

Trost has an uncanny eye for hyperbolic action scenes and visionary comedy – read our review of the original FP film hereand our thoughts on the FP2: Beats of Rage here -- and we guarantee, you’ll never see another franchise like it. A genuine love for so many different genres is palpable in these pastiches; beyond the silly and ridiculous, there is a genuine journey, and a hero to root for throughout. 

Due to the massive (by cult standards) response to the FP franchise, Trost is planning for future installments. But in the meantime, FP2: Beats of Rage is ready to take the world by storm.

The sequel is available as of today, 23 May, to buy, rent, or stream on Amazon Prime in the United States and United Kingdom, just click right here, yo.

It has also been made available to buy on Vimeo on Demand, including a super 4K edition with “Special Ass Features” such as deleted scenes, feature commentary, “Behind the Beats” and a tour of the real life Frazier Park (FP)! The Vimeo edition is available right here. 

And if you’re still not sure you’re ready for the full craziness, you can go to YouTube for the trailer right hereBut we warn you, once you’ve seen that, you’ll want to go all in…. This Beat-quel will have you hooked. 

--Dana Culling