News From Hell: David Goyer Rebooting Hellraiser With Spyglass Entertainment

For years now, a remake has been toiled with that would officially reboot the Hellraiser franchise. Sadly, all we've been given are terrible sequels that replaced the original Pinhead (Doug Bradley) with stand-ins that don't quite do the character any justice. Now, word has broke via several news sites that Hellraiser will finally see a full reboot that will be produced and written by David Goyer. Spyglass is set to finance and distribute the motion picture. It will fall under the Phantom Four subsidiary of their brand. 

Gary Barber, the head of Spyglass made the announcement today, saying that he and Clive Barker have a relationship that spans decades. The two will work hand in hand to bring a "dark and visceral" retelling of the now classic tale, The Hellbound Heart which inspired the original Hellraiser film. Several decades in, the movie has spawned numerous sequels that failed to live up to the first two movies in the franchise. With each continued release, the brand was further tarnished, with awful stories, bad visual effects, and no Doug Bradley. 

It appears that we may finally get a proper reboot that hopefully does some justice for the Hellraiser brand.