News You Can't See: Blumhouse Invisible Man Gets a Release Date

In a world where no classic property is sacred in the least, the upcoming Invisible Man tale from Blumhouse and Universal has just acquired a competitive release date. The relaunch of the classic movie character will be in theaters on March 20th, 2020. This is now the first release in their new slate of movies that was originally called the 'Dark Universe'. With the abysmal failure of The Mummy starring Tom Cruise, the studio quickly retooled the idea and is now calling it the 'Monster Legacy' series. The film will star Elizabeth Moss in a main role but has not yet found the actor to portray the title character. 

In addition to the changes that have already been made, Leigh Whannell has been slated to write and direct the feature film for Blumhouse. It's said that the smaller studio will be putting the upcoming movie out with lighter budgets and smaller stories that will taper back the massive vision that Universal was originally going for.