Star Wars News: Disney Announces Schedule For Three New Star Wars Movies and Others

Star Wars will return in 2022 with Avatar movies filling in the blanks between releases. 

A few weeks back, Disney announced that they were taking a break from Star Wars films which might offset some of the franchise fatigue that seems to have set in. While there are no movies in production right now, their televised series will begin hitting this fall as they take a cinematic break. Now, they've just issued info that they're planning on coming back to theaters in a big way beginning in 2022. Three films will start releasing in December of that year and will continue every other year. On the off years, they'll be putting out the new Avatar movies that are currently being produced by James Cameron. 

With this announcement also came news that the long delayed New Mutants would be seeing another push. This time it's being set back to April 3, 2020 with no new word on any development in the X-Men franchise being rebooted. Also, Artemis Fowl has received a move to May 29, 2020. With all this said, it seems that the latest Disney buyout is causing some scheduling issues with problematic movies.